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July 6th, 2004

dragondazd @ 03:53 pm: July Monthly Honorary Chosen

Please leave a post with what you'd like drawn. (:

In the meantime, here are a couple of her recent characters:

I will link this to FAX since she did a lot of old characters there. :D Thank you for what you've done for the metacommunity!!

July 4th, 2004

dragondazd @ 11:35 pm: Poll for our first chosen! Honoring an artist for their work in June.
Poll #316614 July Monthly Honorary Chosen

Who shall it be? Myrror for her speedy and skillful submissions and makeup work last month, or lemurkat for drawing all of fax2?


July 1st, 2004

dragondazd @ 10:34 pm: mm, last month was pretty nice
I was pleased to see a lot of people talking up the undrawn from May (and some from June itself)
It's nice to know you'll get something, and we had a lot of people help out since May was pretty tough for a lot of people.

dragondazd @ 10:16 pm: Monthly Honorary Nominations reminder
This first round is to nominate the artist who has done the most for the communities in the last month specificaly. We will have other rounds in which overall contributors will be voted on.

So please word your nominations in that form.

And this is NOT the poll, so you are encouraged to nominate people who aren't listed. :D

dragondazd @ 05:38 pm: Monthly Honorary Nominations deadline midnight of 7/4/2004
If you have noticed someone put in extra effort within the last month in any, many, or all of our sister communities, please post your nomination here! One nomination per member.

Make sure you clearly state the lj name of your nominee, either in the title or in the first line.

Be creative in your thoughtfulness! The only restriction on the reason for nomination is that it must show the effort benefited more than one person.

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